Where we see value today


Where we see value today

Since 2009, the US stock market has had an incredible percentage run. Of course much of the gains were just getting back to even in the wake of the financial crisis and corresponding stock market downturn. While many of the major US stock market indexes have gone on to reach new highs, the same cannot be said for much of the international market. The most widely viewed international stock market index (MSCI EAFE International index) still has a ways to go before reaching new heights. Emerging Market stocks also trade below their pre-financial crisis highs. This is one area that we see value.

NY State Estate tax cliff

There have been a number of articles written on the new NY state estate law. Currently, the exemption amount is $2,062,500, shielding many people from having to pay any NY state estate taxes. However, if your estate is slightly above this amount, you could face a tax cliff. This means that you could be taxed not just on dollar amount above the $2,062,500.00, but the entire amount including that. We can offer help to discuss this issue with your attorney and help to implement a tax management strategy, if necessary. Email us today at daniel@ewealthadvisor.com.

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